Our goals are:

  • We want to give sailors the best digital crew tools possible.
  • We aim to establish a better communication network between compatible hardware, for automatic data exchange between ships.
  • We want to aggregate all the information that is currently thrown away on shipbridges all over the world and use it, to make the best free map of the ocean.
  • This vast ressource of currently nearly unused data will also help scientists understand our oceans better.

Hackerfleet Operating System

To accomplish our ambitious goals, we developed a new kind of networked application framework, called HFOS.

  • Backend works on embedded systems (Python)
  • Frontend works on all common browsers (Angular)
  • Realtime collaboration features
  • Well structured information architecture
  • Modular and component based infrastructure
  • (Planned) Mesh based collaboration


This project would not be possible without the kind support of: For a full list, check out the project's contributors list. Big thanks!


If you have any questions or comments, drop us a mail or chat with us on irc:

Hackerfleet Development Community

We develop opensource hardware and software for unmanned and manned vessels on all waters. We develop publicly and transparent, our repositories are open for you.